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Do you have neck, shoulder and/or back pain? Are you experiencing lost range of motion, muscle aches, soreness, tightness, chronic headaches/migraines?

Repetetive strain patterns happen during daily activities such as working long hours at the computer or leaning over a desk. This posture drags the shoulders foward and the over- powering tightness in the pectoral muscles produces stretch weakness in between the shoulder blades and mid back. The arms become internally rotated. With all this, the neck is forced foward on the shoulders. These muscle imbalances begin a pain cycle that with proper therapeutic massage such as orthopedic massasge, myofascial release, deep tissue, trigger point, and myoskeletal alignment combinations can bring these muscles back into balance. 

These and other types of muscle imbalances throughout the body are also related to other activities such as sports and overuse injuries,poor postures, sitting for long periods of time and compensatory patterns. Prevention is always the best method to avoid the strain patterns from becoming pain patterns. 

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